9 Eco-Friendly Fashion Brands for Chic, Stylish Workwear

Saving the planet starts with changing your own behavior as a consumer and a part of society. Eating sustainably sourced food, minimizing your contribution to fossil fuel emissions, donating to ecological causes—all of these are great ways to live green. But this lifestyle extends to fashion, too. By wearing eco-friendly clothing throughout your workday, you can make a statement about your values and the importance of the environment. Here are fifteen brands to check out for workwear that’s stylish and sustainable.

People Tree


People Tree is focused on fair trade and environmentally sustainable materials. They pay a fair price for their materials, most of which are sourced from farmers and creators in the developing world, and go out of their way to ensure their products are produced in a way that doesn’t harm the environment. They offer a wide range of workwear that you can feel good about buying.

Style Saint


This brand goes in-depth on water and labor ethics. Each product in their shop includes information about the labor that went into it and the amount of water saved, and they use 99% less water than other brands. In a world where 700 million people suffer from water scarcity, that goes a long way.

Threads 4 Thought


This New York-based brand offers men’s and women’s apparel and accessories that are great for the office, the gym, and everywhere in between. But their gear is also great for the environment, using sustainably produced, organic, and recycled materials. They’ve been in the eco-friendly clothing game for over ten years, so they know what they’re doing.

Aeon Row


Aeon Row proclaims that “your style should match your values,” and they offer clothing that ecologically conscious consumers can wear with pride. They offer a 15% discount when you send in your clothes to be recycled, and they use that material to produce their clothing, which is made from 100% recycled yarn.

Synergy Clothing


Organic men’s and women’s clothing abounds on this company online store. The company is the product of its founder’s trip through the Himalayas, a journey that inspired the creation of a brand that worked in harmony with nature instead of exploiting it.

Alternative Apparel


One of the most popular green clothing brands, Alternative Apparel has a massive selection of clothing, much of it work-appropriate. It’s a certified Green Business in Los Angeles that uses over 70% sustainable materials and process to create their unique and stylish clothing.

Eileen Fisher


A brand for women’s clothing that’s as stylish as it is sustainable, Eileen Fisher also promises to have their labor force ethically compensated. They’re aiming to have 100% organic cotton and linen, responsible dyes, and carbon positive operations in place in a zero-waste facility by the year 2020.

Fair Indigo


This brand uses organic cotton and alpaca to produce dresses, scarves, and tees that are soft, comfortable, and stylish. Their sweaters are great for the workplace and are created with fair trade practices in Peru and Thailand. For a personalized touch, they tell you the name of the worker that crafted each garment you buy from their fantastic online store.



You can find plenty of workwear to choose from in Pact’s selection of GMO and sweatshop-free men’s and women’s apparel. They also use exclusively non-toxic dyes and organic cotton, sourced from family-run renewable farms.

Many of the world’s most popular brands of clothing don’t practice sustainable production, meaning that you could be contributing to pollution, deforestation, or a host of other ecological crises by buying clothes from these sources. The brands above are committed to making clothing in a way that doesn’t harm the environment. Browse their offerings and you’re sure to find some stylish, eco-friendly clothes for the office.

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