7 Side Hustles You Can Do in Your Spare Time

We’re not all lucky enough to have a career that fulfills us emotionally and pays all of our bills. 7.6 million Americans have multiple jobs to make ends meet. In response to this necessity, a lot of gigs have arisen that allow you flexible hours and multiple opportunities to earn. If you’re looking to make some cash to supplement your income from your main career, here are 7 “side hustles” to consider.

1. Rent Part of Your Home on Airbnb


Airbnb is a platform that connects travelers with people looking to rent out part of their dwelling for a short time. They offer protections for renters to ensure that you aren’t fleeced out of your money and you’ll be reimbursed in the event that someone damages your house. Airbnb has become a popular way of earning income toward that big monthly mortgage payment, and the amount of time it actually requires is small in comparison to the amount you stand to gain.

2. Walk Dogs


Dog walking is a classic side hustle—ask anyone who’s lived in New York or Los Angeles as a starving artist and they’ll likely tell you they did some dog walking. It’s become easier to find dog walking gigs now through apps like Rover and Wag! that will connect you with busy people who need someone to take their pooch on a stroll while they work. And if you’re an animal lover or you enjoy the outdoors, you’ll be getting paid for doing something downright pleasant.

3. Sign Up for Focus Groups


Focus groups are one of many ways that marketing companies gather information on consumer preferences—and you’re paid to participate. There’s no training or special education required for most groups since they’re just looking for a sample of average folks. You can find many of these gigs on Craigslist.com or through university job boards if you’re a student.

4. Drive with Uber or Lyft


The ride-share industry has exploded, and the two biggest companies, Uber and Lyft, aren’t just competing to attract riders. They’re also offering big bonuses and incentives to drivers in an effort to increase their ranks. Their competition to be the best company to work for is great for drivers—especially since they can drive for both. If your car is less than five years old and you have a decent driving record, you’ll likely be accepted. Ask a current driver for a referral code and you’ll earn an extra bonus after you complete a certain number of rides.

5. Become A Social Media Manager


Businesses are in need of people to keep their social media active and updated on multiple platforms, and they’re willing to pay. If you’re conversant in social media, you’re qualified for the job—and you can do it from home or even on the go with your mobile device. Reach out to local businesses and see if they could use your services.

6. Do Tasks with TaskRabbit


TaskRabbit connects people who need basic chores and errands completed with people willing to do them for money. You’ll get details on the task before you accept it, but most tasks are simple and not particularly physically demanding. The variety is nice, too, since you’ll be completing different kinds of missions for different people.

7. Teach English Online


There are a number of apps and services springing up to fill the demand for English education in China, with VIPKID and Dada among the most prominent. You don’t need to speak Chinese, just English, and you can work from home with flexible hours. If you like working with kids, this is a great way of earning extra cash in the comfort of your home.

One paycheck often isn’t enough, especially if you’ve got student loans or credit card debt to pay off. Look into the hustles above and you could be earning extra money in your free time within days.

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