5 Ways to Make a Good Impression at a Job Interview

When you prepare for an interview, you might focus on answering the tough questions you face, the responses you want to give and the anecdotes you will tell. In fact, these are the core of the interview and will get you an offer letter. However, before you get a chance to deliver your well-thought-out answers, the eyes are already on you.

The beginning of the interview is even more important. This is when the interviewer evaluates your potential to fit the job. You need to make a great first impression and carry it throughout the meeting so as to have a good shot at getting hired.

Here are the top five ways that you can make a good impression at an interview.

1. Arrive on Time


Being punctual is a necessity, particularly when it is about your dream job. You might have heard ‘Being early means you’re on time; on time means you are late’. It is worth mentioning here again that you should show up on time to make a great impression at the interview. It is a good idea to arrive about ten minutes early at the office. But remember don’t go too early.

2. Dress Appropriately


Showing up overdressed or underdressed at the interview can be really awkward. Though your dressing might not be the basis of the selection, it certainly plays a part in making your first impression which decides a lot. Show up in a professional dress like suit, blazer, slacks. Dressing up professionally is a standard that everyone should follow. It shows how serious you are about the interview and the job.

3. Smile


While interviews seem to make everybody nervous, some individuals show it on their face. You should focus on being confident and looking charismatic. Keeping a smile on your face initially when you meet the interviewer is really important.

Showing up a happy and positive version of yourself creates an initial first impression which sets you apart from others who could not help their nerves taking over. Though you are nervous, fake it until you are comfortable.

4. Give a Confident Handshake


A strong handshake is a physical way to demonstrate your enthusiasm and confidence. See that it does not get too strong to crush the interviewer’s hand. Though it might seem a small gesture, a strong and confident handshake is always better than a weak one.

5. Make the First Move


When appearing for the interview at the potential employer’s office, you may expect that they will make the first move. While it is true that they are the first to talk about introductions, you can always extend your hand first and introduce yourself.

Such a small gesture conveys to the interviewer that you are really excited about being there and you are ready for the interview. This first move shows your confidence and self-assurance. You can also proceed to find a connection with the interviewer to spark the communication which gets both of you at ease.

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