4 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Play a Role in Your Company

Artificial intelligence has gone from a fun sci-fi concept to a reality, in our homes and offices. While AI is most visible in consumer products like Amazon’s Alexa, it’s also become an integral part of many businesses’ operations, helping them eliminate inefficiencies and use machine learning to solve problems. While it first started to take hold among large tech companies, many of whom are exploring ways to integrate it further into consumer’s lives, AI technology is becoming increasingly accessible for small businesses as well. Here are some ways you can use AI to make your business run smoother.

1. Improving Customer Service


If your business has a limited customer service and support staff, AI can be of great use to you. Rather than hiring enough employees to respond to every single question from potential leads, you can use AI-enabled chatbots to correspond with people interested in your product, then transfer them to a human to close the deal if necessary. An AI app can also respond to tech support questions from people who’ve already bought what you’re selling, ensuring they remain satisfied with your product or service. You can also use AI tools to sort tickets and conduct other customer service busywork, improving your human staff’s productivity.

2. Automating Lead Scoring


Lead scoring is an important part of sales and marketing. It refers to ranking clients and customers by their potential value to their company, incorporating factors like their overall purchasing power and the likelihood of buying to determine how best to market to them, and how much energy to expend on that effort. It’s also something that AI can accomplish quite handily, given access to your CRM data. Scoring leads with AI saves you time and lets you prioritize clients who present the largest value to your company.

3. Eliminating Email Busywork


AI is a massive boon to marketing departments. It’s already extremely simple to automate things like email marketing. You can set up an AI system charged with automatically contacting customers who are near the start of a new purchase cycle, for example, or use machine learning to figure out which types of emails get opened most frequently and automatically adapt your strategy to pursue those types of messages. This saves you a ton of time poring over analytics to tweak your campaigns.

4. Making Advertising Efficient


AI can also help you perfect your pay-per-click campaigns. Platforms like Acquisio can run your marketing operations across multiple advertising channels, analyzing the performance of each ad and learning on the fly what works and what doesn’t work, to maximize the impact of your advertising spend. These platforms use algorithms to measure and analyze customer engagement with marketing campaigns, and can keep you under budget while increasing your brand visibility. If you’ve been considering hiring more marketing staff, try AI first—it’s cheaper and often more effective.

AI is more accessible than you might think. You don’t need to develop your own robot intelligence—you can use one of the many AI products that are already available to do everything from communicating with customers to strategizing your advertising.

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