4 Top Benefits of Email Marketing for B2B Companies

B2B (business to business) marketing has its own share of unique challenges and peculiarities that differentiate it from B2C (business to consumer) marketing. The strategies that work well for B2C often fall flat in a B2B context, and vice versa. And certain styles of marketing that are only middlingly effective in one type of business can be quite potent in another. Email marketing is one field that has a lot to offer B2B professionals. Read on to learn about a few of the reasons email marketing is so effective for these types of companies.

1. The ROI for Email Marketing Is Incredible

Because email marketing campaigns can be conducted for relatively little cost, the return you receive for even a minimal level of investment can be quite substantial. Experian estimates a return of nearly $45 for each dollar invested in email marketing. That doesn’t mean every email you send will generate that much money—it’s more a reflection of how cheap it is to execute effective campaigns. You can create and send professional quality emails for a fraction of what it used to cost to do the same thing via snail mail.

2. Companies Check Email More Frequently & Thoroughly Than Public Consumers

While the general public often skims directly past promotional emails from companies, people in the business of buying are far more likely to read through most of the things in their inbox—after all, it’s their job to make purchases, and by ignoring emails they could miss out on a chance to save their company some money with a discount or a new competitor undercutting their old partner. Your email campaigns will be more effective in a B2B situation because they’ll be more likely to reach their intended target.

3. You Can Use Email Campaigns to Establish Expertise

One major difference between B2B and B2C marketing is the type of appeal you’ll want to make to potential customers. While it’s acceptable and understandable to appeal to a customer’s emotions in a B2C situation, B2B buyers are more logical, and more focused on concrete evidence. That means that one of your chief goals ought to be demonstrating that you’re an expert in the field you’re selling products in. An email campaign focused on educating readers not just about your product, but the context it exists in, can go a long way toward earning buyers’ trust, which is an important prerequisite to getting them to spend money with you. You can also nurture loyalty by offering discounts to frequent readers.

4. You Can Use Segmentation to Maximize the Efficiency of Your Campaigns

You ought to be collecting as much data as possible about your clients and leads—if you aren’t, start right now. One of the best ways to leverage that data is through segmenting your email list, creating custom lists divided by factors like average expenditure, type of company, and industry. This way, you can optimize your campaigns so that each segment you’re targeting will receive messages specifically designed to appeal to their interests and earn their business.

Email is a powerful weapon for any marketer, but particularly in a B2B context, it can be the foundation for a solid and profitable strategy, for the reasons above and many others.

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