4 Reasons Your Website Might Need an App and Platforms

If you’ve got a highly-trafficked website, or even a middlingly successful one, you might be content to focus on that. You wouldn’t be crazy for devoting most of your energy to your website. Adding content to keep things fresh, improving your search engine optimization, and maximizing conversions can occupy all of your attention. But the majority of Internet traffic now originates from mobile devices, rather than desktop computers. Even if you have a well-designed, responsive site that looks great on the phone, you might increase traffic and conversions even further by developing an application to accompany your site. Here are four reasons you might benefit from an app, along with suggestions for platforms to enable that process.

1. Apps Help Build Your Brand

An app can do a lot more to establish your brand and extend your marketing efforts than a website alone. For one thing, users will see your app on the home screen of their phone constantly. It seems like a small thing, but having that presence on someone’s device increases the amount that they think about and talk about your company a lot. Apps can be used to send push notifications with marketing copy, promotional deals, or app-exclusive discounts as well, and these communications get a heck of a lot more engagement than emails do, since they’re not as common. An app is an opportunity to solidify the purpose of your website and/or company, and can do a lot to improve your brand visibility in the lives of your users and the people around them. Appery.io is a great platform for brand-conscious companies since you can customize your app to fit your established visual theme.

2. Apps Are Quicker Than Websites

Even if you’ve invested in a nice website and ensured that it’s responsive (meaning it will load and look nice on different mobile devices) there’s still the problem of loading time. A feature-rich site will take a fair bit of time to pull up on a phone, even if it’s already been accessed on the device. For sites that people use a lot, this can be a real headache, and can cause them to go elsewhere to satisfy their needs. If you don’t want to lose these impatient customers, an app can help! Once it’s installed, users can open it whenever they’d like. If you’re selling products, this is a big deal, because it increases the speed and frequency with which people can get through the checkout process. AppMachine can help you build apps that open and run quickly.

3. Apps Let You Manage User Experience More Effectively

User experience on a website can vary a lot, even if the site is responsively designed. They might land on a page that’s not ideal for introducing them to your site or your product, they might have a browser that blocks certain elements of your site—the potential problems are many. But when you create an app, you can minutely tweak every aspect of the interface, managing UX to a degree that’s just not feasible on a website. Users can easily save information and preferences, and even customize the look and feel of the app to suit their tastes. ShoutEm’s complete content management system is a godsend for UX obsessives.

4. Users Prefer Apps

This is perhaps the most compelling reason to invest in an app. Even if your website isn’t focused on selling products, you still have an interest in connecting with the people in your target audience, and research has shown that users in almost every demographic prefer using an app to visiting a website. Data has shown that when users are given the choice between a mobile responsive website and an app with the same content, they spend 31% more time on the app. It’s so much simpler to hit the icon for an app and start browsing content than it is to open up your mobile browser and type in a URL. If your goal is to become the leader in the field you cover, an app can help you do that. AppMakr is one of the easiest platforms for creating an app of any kind.

You can use much of the same content on your site for your app, so don’t look at it as starting from scratch. But the accessibility of an app makes a big difference for consumers. If the reasons above apply to you, choose a platform and get started!

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